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Personal Care Medical Associates

David Thimons,

– Cofounder –

Personal Care Medical Associates (PCMA) provides physician-led geriatric and palliative medicine services to patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), long term care homes (LTC), assisted living communities, personal care homes, long term acute care facilities, and hospitals throughout Western Pennsylvania.

We are a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, a PharmD, nurses, and support staff whose complete focus is on providing the best care to patients in the facilities listed above. Our quality program is second to none. We also perform chronic care management and advance care planning services.

Dr Jay Hartle
Gerald Hartle,

– Cofounder –

What We Do: Geriatric & Palliative Medicine

Personal Care Medical Associates (PCMA) provides palliative, transitional, and geriatric care services in all patient settings throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Geriatric Care

PCMA provides geriatric medical care in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure the patient enjoys the highest quality of life possible.

Palliative Care

PCMA provides palliative medical care to achieve the best quality of life for patients and their families facing serious illness.

The doctors treat me so well. They are very tuned into my needs and listen to everything I want to tell them about my health and then they do what is needed to make me feel better.

Patient, Villa St. Joseph

PCMA is available to us 24/7. Regardless of what time we’re calling, they are always available to us.

LPN, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

The PCMA Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are so attentive to their patients. They are all very quick to address patient and family needs. If I need to talk to them about a patient, they are always available.

Unit Director, RN, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

The therapy department really appreciates how prompt PCMA responds to the needs of their patients. They are very team oriented and constantly involve therapy to produce the best outcomes for our residents.

OT Therapy, Villa St. Joseph

PCMA is a great group they are wonderful to work with, most importantly they are very attentive to their patients.

Nurse Manager, Villa St. Joseph

PCMA fits into our facility just like family.

Unit Clerk, Villa St. Joseph

It’s a pleasure to work with PCMA! Their efficiency helps our medical records department to remain consistently, compliant with state mandated requirements

Medical Records, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

The Providers of PCMA are always available and I’ve never any difficulty communicating with them and they are very efficient and quick in emergency situations. If I feel something is wrong with a patient, they respect my assessment skills and judgement.

Clinical Coordinator, Villa St. Joseph

The Doctors and Nurse Practitioners at PCMA are so amazing at relating to their patients. I had a patient that was very hard of hearing and the Nurse Practitioner put his stethoscope in my patient’s ears so the patient could understand the conversation! They are a very unique group that really cares!

RN, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

I love working with PCMA, they are so approachable. They all have wonderful bedside manners that help patients and families feel relaxed and comfortable. Most importantly, they care about the patient’s total well-being, mind, body and soul.

RN, Unit Director, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

When I call them for a Peer to Peer review they treat me very respectfully and listen very intently to what I have to say about the residents case.

Utilization Review, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

PCMA doctors are very friendly. They like to be familiar with all the staff in our facility.

Guest Services, Villa St. Joseph

The Providers at PCMA are so easy to work with, more importantly, they have a quality focused approach to patient care.

DON, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

Personal Care Medical Associates (PCMA) are the finest group of dedicated physicians and medical practitioners in Western Pennsylvania. Dr. Thimons and his group are very compassionate and caring individuals and they are true advocates for our nursing home residents. PCMA goes above and beyond in all aspects of care. I am proud to be associated with such a fine group of professionals in healthcare and to have Dr. Thimons and Dr. Mantine as our Medical Directors at Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

Michael Jordan, Administrator, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center


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Palliative Care

Our goal is to provide the best possible quality of life for patients and their families facing serious illness.


Geriatric Care

PCMA provides geriatric medical care in partnership with all parties involved to ensure the patient enjoys the highest quality of life possible.



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