Chief Growth Officer

Terri Velazquez has a healthcare career with over 25 years of experience within healthcare.  Her experience spans from senior living to acute and post acute care and from the field to the executive level.

Terri spent time as a Florida growth expert with the largest skilled nursing chain transitioning to work in the acute, post-acute, and value-based world.
Terri’s experience and collaborative approach and transformational leadership skills make her a key partner for the national growth plan of PCMA.

Terri has an MBA in finance and accounting as well as an MBA in management, her familiarity with the continuum of care and the demand of value based care makes her an ideal partner in the meaningful work we do.

When Terri is not working, she loves spending time with my family and celebrating her faith.   I enjoy helping others, reading, good music, exercising and time with my supportive family.

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Terri Velazquez