PCMA Cooperative LLC
2000 Cliff Mine Rd Ste 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
  • PCMA Cooperative LLC is solely owned by PCMA Network MSO Inc.
  • PCMA Cooperative LLC does not have any joint ventures with its Participating Providers or Preferred Providers
For more information:
Primary Contact Information for the ACO:
Justin Patton, DIrector of ACO Operations
(878) 201-3312 
Participating Providers:
Personal Care Medical Associates, LLC 
PCMA Palliative Division, LLC
Primary HomeCare LLC
Primary Home Care of Central Florida Inc
Key Leaders:
David Thimons, DO – CEO (PCMA)
Paul Zlotolow, NHA – CFO/Designated Official (PCMA)
Justin Patton – Operations Leader (PCMA)
Beth Biedrzycki, PharmD – Clinical Leader (PCMA)
Adam Zavadil – Consultant (ZAHealth LLC)
ACO REACH Governing Body:
Name ACO Participant Legal Business Name Member Title / Position Voting Member
David Thimons, DO Personal Care Medical Associates, LLC ACO Participant Representative Yes
Lisa Dusch, CRNP PCMA Palliative Division, LLC ACO Participant Representative Yes
Lisa Gill, CRNP Primary HomeCare, LLC ACO Participant Representative Yes
Gabriel Nuriel, DO Primary Home Care of Central Florida, Inc. ACO Participant Representative Yes
Patrick Sturm, MD N/A Consumer Advocate Yes
Joann Zurga N/A Beneficiary Representative Yes
Chris Dawe Curana Health Medical Group Advisor Yes


Shared Savings/Losses/Quality Measures:
Will be posted when available

ACO REACH States and Counties of Operation


Personal Care Medical Associates, LLC and PCMA Palliative Division, LLC

  • Allegheny
  • Beaver
  • Butler
  • Lawrence
  • Mercer
  • Washington
  • Westmoreland

Primary Home Care, LLC

  • Berks
  • Bucks
  • Chester 
  • Clearfield
  • Delaware
  • Montgomery
  • Philadelphia


Primary Care of Central Florida, Inc.

  • Lake
  • Orange
  • Osceola
  • Polk
  • Seminole
List of Providers by Practice:

Personal Care Medical Associates, LLC – Pennsylvania

  • Veronica Baca MD
  • Albert Richard Fogle DO
  • Christopher Gerhlein DO
  • Jarod Stragand DO
  • David Thimons DO
  • Nikolai Zdrale MD
  • Brian Goldwasser MD
  • Maria Tranto MD
  • Caitlin Cafaro, CRNP
  • Arlene Carter, CRNP
  • Kimberly Gregg, CRNP
  • Annemarie Hartbauer, CRNP
  • Gerald Hartle, CRNP
  • Christine (Henney) Solt, CRNP
  • Michelle Kubatka, CRNP
  • Lea Anne Ochs, CRNP
  • Lindsay Sayti, CRNP
  • Amanda Thompson, CRNP
  • Kerry Tiesi, CRNP
  • Crystal Tomaino , CRNP
  • Gina Skinner, CRNP
  • Hope Fox, CRNP
  • Samantha Silvis, CRNP
  • Lindsey Thome, CRNP
  • Jennifer Root, CRNP
  • Gail Santone, CRNP
  • Debra Davis, CRNP
  • Michael O’Brien, CRNP
  • Karla Graf, CRNP

PCMA Palliative Division, LLC – Pennsylvania

  • Rachel Boyd, CRNP
  • Lisa Dusch, CRNP
  • Patricia Gordon, CRNP
  • Elizabeth Hainan, CRNP
  • Ashley Newman, CRNP
  • Margaret Reck, CRNP
  • Kathy Redovan, CRNP
  • Caitlin Warner, CRNP
  • Kelly Shearer, CRNP
  • Leila Benik, CRNP
Primary HomeCare, LLC – Pennsylvania
  • Jean Pellegrino, CRNP
  • Stacey Bishop, CRNP
  • Lisa Hobson, CRNP
  • Samala Jackson, CRNP
  • Lisa Gill, CRNP
  • Crystal Parker, CRNP

Primary Care of Central Florida, Inc – Florida

  • Gabriel Nuriel DO
  • Andrea Barrett, APRN
  • Fausto Burgos MD
  • Nicole Gillings, APRN
  • Dalieun Ork Jairam, APRN
  • John Jutting MD
  • Melissa Kirby MD
  • Cindy Kudley, APRN
  • Jenissa Leite DaSilva, PA
  • Jaime Machado Perez, APRN
  • Sarah M. Matthews, APRN
  • Brianna Pichard, APRN
  • Stacie Quedenfield, APRN
  • Gregory Scott, APRN
  • Edgar Torres MD
  • Rolando Urgelles Del Toro, APRN
  • Alex Vera Moran, APRN
  • Hugh Thomas DO


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