PCMA Cooperative LLC
2000 Cliff Mine Rd Ste 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Participating Providers:
Personal Care Medical Associates LLC
Primary HomeCare LLC
Primary Home Care of Central Florida Inc

Key Leaders:
David Thimons, DO – CEO (PCMA)
Paul Zlotolow, NHA – CFO/Designated Official (PCMA)
Jennifer Hartle, RN – Clinical Ops (PCMA)
Justin Patton – Operations Leader (PCMA)
Beth Biedrzycki, PharmD – Clinical Leader (PCMA)
Adam Zavadil – Consultant (ZAHealth LLC)

Board Members:
David Thimons, DO (PCMA)
Lisa Dusch, CRNP (PCMA)
Lisa Gill, CRNP (Primary HomeCare LLC)
Gabriel Nuriel, DO (Primary Home Care of Central Florida Inc)
Patrick Strum, MD (Consumer Advocate)

Shared Savings/Losses/Quality Measures:
Will be posted when available


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