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Relieving and preventing the suffering of patients of any age, at any stage of complex medical conditions that may be curable, chronic or life-limiting

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The healthcare industry is undergoing a unique transformation. Old “cookie cutter” treatment strategies are being replaced by custom care plans that meet the unique and evolving healthcare needs of seriously ill patients and their families. Nearly three-fourths of adult patients hospitalized in America suffer from multiple chronic conditions (MCC). The number of people living in long-term nursing facilities in the US is expected to double to more than
3 million by 2030.

The Center to Advance Palliative Care found that only 5% of patients accounted for a staggering 60% of healthcare costs in 2011. For more than fifteen years, PCMA has provided customized, physician-led palliative and geriatric services to patients with the most challenging medical conditions.

Services for Patients & Families

PCMA can help relieve and prevent the suffering of patients of any age, at any stage of complex medical conditions that may be curable, chronic or life-limiting. Services are provided in either skilled nursing facility or an assisted living community and are in conjunction with a patient’s primary care physician, hospitals, home health agency, and hospice agency. Services include:

  • Routine presence of a physician and/or advanced practice provider in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living community with patients being evaluated upon admission, discharge and routinely throughout their stay and as any issues may arise.
  • Board-certified clinicians internal medicine, family medicine and hospice and palliative care allowing for a customized evaluation and treatment plan for each patient and families
  • Detailed medication and case review by a staffed doctor of pharmacology to minimize polypharmacy and medication errors
  • 24/7 on-call services mean quick responses, assessments and interventions whenever patient conditions require it
  • Treatment recommendations and medication changes made after on-site assessment by a clinician are further monitored and appropriate care is given
  • Improved and effective doctor/patient and doctor/staff relationships which lead to significant reductions in hospital readmissions
  • On-site providers regularly participate in care-coordination meetings
  • Patient and family education provided by our knowledgeable staff
  • Close communication with the patient’s community primary care physician improving continuity care and ensuring a patient’s successful discharge home


PCMA’s unique services can provide several benefits to patients and their families, including:

  • Increased patient and family comfort and satisfaction
  • Improved clinical and quality of care outcomes, reduced pain and other troubling symptoms, and improved patients’ quality of life
  • Reduced diagnostic and treatment interventions and duration of stays in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Reduced emergency room visits and readmissions to hospitals and nursing homes
  • Cost savings due to less diagnostics, hospital, and nursing home co-pays

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The Doctors and Nurse Practitioners at PCMA are so amazing at relating to their patients. I had a patient that was very hard of hearing and the Nurse Practitioner put his stethoscope in my patient’s ears so the patient could understand the conversation! They are a very unique group that really cares!

RN, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

When I call them for a Peer to Peer review they treat me very respectfully and listen very intently to what I have to say about the residents case.

Utilization Review, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

PCMA doctors are very friendly. They like to be familiar with all the staff in our facility.

Guest Services, Villa St. Joseph