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PCMA’s program provides intensive care and physician or nurse practitioner visits for homebound patients.

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America is experiencing a dramatic shift in demographics, and in 2019, people older than 65 years will outnumber those younger than five. As Americans age and live longer, increasing numbers of them will live with multiple chronic conditions and functional impairments. One of the greatest health care challenges is ensuring that older Americans with serious chronic illness can remain as independent as possible. Our success with this challenge will help ensure that Americans age with dignity in a manner that meets expectations, preferences and care needs.

The financial health of state and federal governments also hangs in the balance because of the implications for Medicare and Medicaid costs. Meeting this challenge will require envisioning the potential value of home-based health care, and integrating it fully into the US healthcare system.

Services for Home Health and Hospice Agencies

There is a growing body of evidence that adults with complex care needs who had physician- led medical services reported better coordinated care, fewer medical errors and test duplication, better relationships with their doctors and greater satisfaction with care.

PCMA provides services that complement home health and hospice agencies, including:

  • Timely signing of all home health orders and completion of face to face documentation
  • Competed electronic discharge summaries with embedded home health orders sent directly to the home health agency prior to the patient’s facility discharge
  • Enhanced communication and availability with on-site clinicians and 24/7 on-call services
  • Direct admissions from home to skilled nursing facilities under the quality care of PCMA
  • Palliative care trained physicians and advanced practice providers to help ensure reduction of hospital readmission rates


PCMA’s unique services can benefit home health and hospice agencies in several ways:

  • Increased patient and family comfort and satisfaction
  • Improved clinical and quality of care outcomes, reduced pain and other troubling symptoms, and improved patients’ quality of life
  • Reduced diagnostic and treatment interventions, duration of stays, and number of in- hospital deaths
  • Reduced emergency room visits and readmissions to hospitals and nursing homes
  • Cost savings, improved staff satisfaction, and enhanced reputation

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PCMA doctors are very friendly. They like to be familiar with all the staff in our facility.

Guest Services, Villa St. Joseph

The therapy department really appreciates how prompt PCMA responds to the needs of their patients. They are very team oriented and constantly involve therapy to produce the best outcomes for our residents.

OT Therapy, Villa St. Joseph

PCMA is available to us 24/7. Regardless of what time we’re calling, they are always available to us.

LPN, Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center